Friday, July 3, 2009

She's Still Funny

Sister Wardle titled her email home this week "MJ is not dead." She wrote very little because the time that she has on the internet is very limited and seeing that we all wrote her long emails she spent 23 minutes reading emails and only 6.5 writing an email home. Because of how short the email was it is easier to post it and invite you to read her own words.

"The news that micheal jackson died traveled around the MTC at txt msg speed. even without having cell phones down here, we can still spread news really fast apparently. when we found out that he died, sister lasley (my new favorite person) decided to have a flashlight vigil for him in her room. we all dressed up in black and white (it dont matter if you´re black or white) and danced and sang to michael jackson songs. There is one brazilian sister missionary who came in wearing all black, and she had black sunglasses on, and a white sock on one hand. She has the same haircut and somehow she looked exactly like micheal jackson... in an uncanny way. it was so funny, and now we all call her sister MJ instead of Sister Moreira.

Another hilarious thing was Sister Hill´s little language mess up. She was feeling overwhelmed with portuguese one day, and she said, When I get out into the field i´m going to chocar every day. (She thought that was the verb for to cry) Our teacher started laughing sooo hard, he couldn´t stop to even tell us what she said. finally he got it together and apparently she accidenctally said "i´m going to go out in the field and hatch an egg every day." it was really classic."

So closed saying that the language is coming along, well and that she loves us.

Then came "MJ is not dead part 2"
In the second email she gave the sisters and Mom and Dad a little shout out individually then shared a short story about Sister Lasley. She meet and spoke to a Professor from The University Sao Paulo. At the beginning of their interaction the man came off very arrogant and not interested in the Book of Mormon. In Sister Kat's words, "He started talking about how proud he was to represent the universtiy of sao paulo and being this big deal teacher. Sis lasley said, "well let me tell you who I represent. I am a representative of Jesus Christ..." and then she kept on bearing her testimony. When she was done, the man had a complete change of heart, and accepted the Book of mormon, and said that he would put it on his nightstand and read it before any other book. it was sooo cool."

She's a good girl and would really love hand written letters. If you email keep them short so she can read them fast. Again her address is,
Sister Katherine Wardle
District 25-A Box 17
Brasil CTM
Rua Padre Antônio D'Angelo, 121
Casa Verde, São Paulo, SP
Brazil 02516-040

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