Tuesday, January 19, 2010

best sunday of my entire mission


So everything that I want to say deserves like 5 hours of time and ihave like 3 minutes left. BUT here's the very summarized version of thebest sunday of my mish:

(leading up to Sunday)on Saturday, Lucio was baptized. Greatest thing you've ever seen in yourlife. After how many months of working with him? and he finally wascommitted and ready to get baptized. I have SO much to say about this,but just imagine the joy. AND his best friend, and a recent convert,Renato was the one who actually performed the baptism. Sweetest thing.

LUCIO - was confirmed a member and received the Holy Ghost
EDUARDO - was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost
RENATO - (friend of Lucio) blessed the sacrament with a white shirt and tie
RAIMUNDO - (recent convert) went to church in a suit and has a callingin the young mens presidency
BRIGHT - (recent convert) wore white shirt and tie and received thepriesthood
SARA - cutest thing you have ever seen - came to church all dolled up,absolutely beautiful, and was baptized at 16:00

2 baptisms
2 confirmations
1 ordenation
Total: JOY

And just to ADD TO IT - barbara (member from another stake) came tovisit our ward and we all know how i love her. Barbara, Taina, SisLindenlaub and I did the musical number for sara's baptism. they sang"each life that touches ours for good" and i played. Hello, new favoritehymn in the book.

AND for lunch on Sunday we had TOAST for an appetizer. This issignificant for two reasons: 1 the last time i ate an appetizer was onJune 13, 2009 at the cheesecake factory, so its been a while... and 2its significant because its TOAST. i LOVE toast. and i miss toast. andit was delicious. like nobody has toasters here. (i've seen 2 this wholetime) AND we had peanut butter, but no jam, so she gave us chocolatesyrup and sprinkles. delish.

Yep, that sums up the best sunday ever. It was completely the work ofour Heavenly Father because everything lined up SO PERFECTLY. everythingwas just fitting and clicking, and it is so sweet to watch it go downand play the tiniest little part in the work of the Master.

Love you so much!
beijo, tchaus
ister wardle

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fanny Packs/Surfing/and missionary work

Hello faaamily.

you might ask yourselves: what do fanny packs, surfing and missionary work have in common? sore hip bones. So this week I bought a fanny back - among the best decisions i have made on my mission. Its fantastic. (but SO ridiculous looking - oh well, its brazil) But its funny because when i walk, the straps are like right on the hip bone. After I wore it for the first day straight, the next morning i realized that my hip bones were a little bit hurty from the strap... anyways, its just like the day after surfing all week long. because we all know that I was not blessed with the snappy little pop up that dear little cocoa maria has, and so when I used to surf a bunch my hips would get sore. anyways, it made me REALLY happy to have that sensation that I could relate to the beach. on top of that, I've decided to start using sunscreen because Brazil decided to turn into full summer heat and sun. And so now i have the BEST smell ever - coppertone sunscreen. love it - its intoxicating.

the other slightly beach related thing that happened this week is a little embarrassing. so we are teaching this golden family, and they have a little 4 year old girl who kinda reminda me of Jill Collins except she's brazilian. and the mom was telling the little girl to stop eating because she was going to turn into a little fat whale. and i started laughing (i think i was just happy because i knew the vocab word for whale because i had just seen it in the dictionary like that same morning). but i was laughing a little bit too hard, and i feel bad because i think she was semi offended. ah welp, my apologies little whale.

Other fun vocab words i learned this week - We were in the car with Barbara last P day after she took us to buy the fanny pack (love her) and we're cruising along this huge main road, and all the sudden we hit a bump and she shouts "alguém sabe trocar pneu?!" "Does anyone know how to change a tire?!" She hit a gnarly pot hole and blew up the tire, so we were stranded on the side of the road for like an hour until her friend could come and bail us out. Dont worry, i had my christmas calender with me so i made her look at all the family píctures and i made her listen to stories describing each of you. :)

other good news: WE ARE FINALLY going to baptize Lucio. there is this guy who we've been teaching FOREVER. and i kept going through fases where i thought we should just cut him because he knows so much and wasnt getting baptized, but he keeps going to church and keeping commitments, and it just never felt right to completely cut him. Its like the longest 2 month drama, but the point is, we finally had a throw down (obviously not like WWF but like the spiritual throw down) and he finally prayed again to get an answer if he should get baptized, aaaaand he got the answer and is preparing for this Saturday. SO HAPPY. he is a great guy and knows SO much about the gospel. his questions are way intellectual, so it just makes me nervous that he was going to let his intellect get in the way of the answer from the spirit that you cant deny! so its good. real good. And the other good news is this girl named Sara - elect. she wanted to get baptized from the get go, but her mom and family told her crazy lies about the church and scared her away for a week or two. but then she watched a baptizm that the elders had last week, and she called me afterwards - this is her on the cell phone, "Sister, I've been thinking, and I want to get baptized. Can we do it this week?" my response: pure joy. yes. so happy, so glad the work is going well. so glad that heavenly father answers prayers.

i'm also SO happy he blessed me with you family in my life. I got letters from you guys this week, and i just love love love you. AND someone please tell Sister Auton thank you SO much for the chirstmas message that she sent me from President Eyering. I was balling.

k thas all
love you!
Sister Wadd

hello 2010, tudo bem?


whats kicken?
Missionary Work! yayy. things are good. the church is true. I love the gospel and I Love the power of the Holy Ghost. It is so real. It is the power that speaks to the souls of men - 2 nephi 33:1. it is the power to keep us in the gospel and firm in the faith. As missionaries (haha and i feel like this is especially true when speaking another language) we have these promisses that it will be given to us exactly what to say in the very moment what we need to say. and its TRUE. but the spirit gives us more than the words, it gives us the power and the authority to teach the message of the gospel. BAM.
Yesterday we were teaching this silly evangelist woman who had allll these silly ideas and misinterpretations of the bible... anyways, Bible bashing and showing what the scriptures really mean dont get anywhere with people, but the Holy Ghost gets straight to the heart. BAM.

È verdade. Não pode negar.

Anyways, today for P-day we're having a little play day with sister christensen and her companion Sister Armstrong, and our beloved Sister missionary coordenator, Barbara. (I told you guys about her on Christmas - love her. what a gem.)

beijo beijo beijo,
sister waaaaaaaddle

Merry Christmas from Brasilia


Yayyyyy. Who's excited?! EU ESTOU. This will be a wonderful Christmas because things are wonderful here in Aguas Claras and I get to talk to you soon! I am seriously so stoked for christmas here, because tomorrow we're having this christmas activity with alll the missionaries, and mostly i'm just happy to see sister Hill and Sister Canfield and all the wonderful sisters who i LOVE.

oh sidenote - today is transfers, but its super calm today because I'm staying here with sister lindenlaub! HOORAY. I love her and this area. its the greatest.

K, Christmas again. yayyyyyy. Obviously the most joyous thing about Christmas is the spirit and love of Christ. Last week we had this GREAT ward activity with EVERYONE there - all the members, recent converts, investigators, and it was a huge hit. People got there around 8:30 (it was announced to start at 7:30) and people didnt want to leave until like midnight. (So we heard, we had to leave way early.) Anyways, i was talking to the bishop and he gave me an assignment to speak in church this week, and my topic was, "the Love that Jesus Christ has for us." Best subject. Ever. I really enjoyed the chance to prepare and share that talk. Especially because on Sunday I had just finished studying the Book of Mormon. The first time i read it in the field, I read it in portuguese, with the focus on learning the language, and how to use and apply the scriptures in our lessons and for the investigators. When i finished it, I started it right afterwards in English with the focus on studying the book of mormon as a true testimony of Christ for me personally. It is incredibly true. So it all came together in a really sweet way for me, and i just want to share a little of what I learned through studying the last 7 weeks, and what I shared in my talk on sunday.

I found great power in studying the Book of Mormon. It is not a record of an ancient people, it is a testimony and holy withness of the Lord and Savior of this world. Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was humbly born to the virgen Mary. He lived a perfect live. He gave us the perfect example. He loves us with a perfect love. Because of this love, we are His. This perfect love of Christ is the motivating power that dictated every action that He made. Because of His love for God the Father, Jesus Christ submitted all things to the Father's will in complete obedience. Because of Christ's love for us, He took upon Himself all of our pains, afflictions, sorrows, and sad moments, and suffered them so that we wouldnt have to. This love is the core of the atoning sacrifice of the Savior.
Through completing the Atonement and fulfilling the law which He was sent to fulfill, Jesus Christ made it possible for us to repent and become clean. Though we are far from perfect, the invitation to "come unto Christ" is an invitation to be perfect - to be perfected in Him. If we want to accomplish this we have to get to know the Savior. This is done by studying his birth, purpose, calling, life and teachings. Most importantly, we come to know the Savior when we meet him in Gethsemane. In Gethsemane, the Lord of lords suffered. When we pass through the garden with Him, it breaks our heart and changes our spirit. We realize the personal suffering that He made for our personal sins. That is the place where we gain a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and we have no more desire to do evil.
The Savior has done everything for us and given us everything we have. All He asks is that we come to Him, because He loves us and doesnt want to lose us. We have everything to gain in Christ. Our number one hope is the salvation that He promisses to us - the place in heaven that He is preparing. This is the message the the Book of Mormon teaches , and the doctrine that every human soul needs. Christ is theway and the life, and we have the simple commandment to follow Him and keep His commandments.
He has done everything because of LOVE. in turn, we do all that we do for Him and for others, trying to develop and excercise that Godly love. I have found that living (and sharing) the gospel every day is key. I am so grateful to be here as a missionary to share this message of love and of Jesus Christ. I am eternally grateful for the oportunity i have, for 18 months to be here, and to learn these truths. I love my Savior, and I love His gospel, and His perfect plan.

and i love you, and cant wait to talk to you on christmas day!
Sister Wardle