Saturday, February 27, 2010

forgive me for the lack of correspondance

hi fam.

k so here's the deal. i just wrote a long email apologizing for not
writing the last couple weeks, and explaining eeeeverything thats been
going on, in relatively good detail. um and then i sent it and the whole
thing deleted. and now i dont have time.

stinking internet. its literally heartbreaking to sit here and put my
heart and soul into an email for my family and friends who i love more
than anything, and then it all gets deleted.

sum up:
i was transfered to Gama Centro
i have a brazilian companion named Sister Lima
we have had 3 great baptisms in 2 weeks, and we have 3 more firm
baptisms for this sunday.
i love this area.
i LOVE this work. i want to RUN to appointments to teach these people.
the mission is wonderful.

love you so much
until next week.

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