Monday, July 5, 2010

end of june?

Hi fam

is anyone believing that its already the end of June? what the flip,
what happened to the time? next week is 4th of july! yayyy how
wonderful. the other day one of the members brought a hymn book in
english to church, and after the meetings i wanted to play the hymns
that only exist in the english version - aka all the patriotic
american ones. In the first few notes of "America the Beautiful" i
started tearing up and crying hahahahaha. I had no idea i missed my
country so much. It reminded me of the time that Dad and I learned the
Canadian national anthem just to sing it for grandma and watch her get
all misty eyed. good times.

anyways, America really is a choice land above all others , and i hope
you all have a WONDERFUL 4th of July. Please take pictures of the
BBQs, ward activities, packed beaches, parades, and all that good
stuff. you can be sure that i'll be sportin my red white and blue this

Welppp, sorry but i have no time. I love you a bunch, and please pray
for Emerson and Rosali this week... they need it.

Sister wardle

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