Tuesday, January 19, 2010

best sunday of my entire mission


So everything that I want to say deserves like 5 hours of time and ihave like 3 minutes left. BUT here's the very summarized version of thebest sunday of my mish:

(leading up to Sunday)on Saturday, Lucio was baptized. Greatest thing you've ever seen in yourlife. After how many months of working with him? and he finally wascommitted and ready to get baptized. I have SO much to say about this,but just imagine the joy. AND his best friend, and a recent convert,Renato was the one who actually performed the baptism. Sweetest thing.

LUCIO - was confirmed a member and received the Holy Ghost
EDUARDO - was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost
RENATO - (friend of Lucio) blessed the sacrament with a white shirt and tie
RAIMUNDO - (recent convert) went to church in a suit and has a callingin the young mens presidency
BRIGHT - (recent convert) wore white shirt and tie and received thepriesthood
SARA - cutest thing you have ever seen - came to church all dolled up,absolutely beautiful, and was baptized at 16:00

2 baptisms
2 confirmations
1 ordenation
Total: JOY

And just to ADD TO IT - barbara (member from another stake) came tovisit our ward and we all know how i love her. Barbara, Taina, SisLindenlaub and I did the musical number for sara's baptism. they sang"each life that touches ours for good" and i played. Hello, new favoritehymn in the book.

AND for lunch on Sunday we had TOAST for an appetizer. This issignificant for two reasons: 1 the last time i ate an appetizer was onJune 13, 2009 at the cheesecake factory, so its been a while... and 2its significant because its TOAST. i LOVE toast. and i miss toast. andit was delicious. like nobody has toasters here. (i've seen 2 this wholetime) AND we had peanut butter, but no jam, so she gave us chocolatesyrup and sprinkles. delish.

Yep, that sums up the best sunday ever. It was completely the work ofour Heavenly Father because everything lined up SO PERFECTLY. everythingwas just fitting and clicking, and it is so sweet to watch it go downand play the tiniest little part in the work of the Master.

Love you so much!
beijo, tchaus
ister wardle

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