Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hello 2010, tudo bem?


whats kicken?
Missionary Work! yayy. things are good. the church is true. I love the gospel and I Love the power of the Holy Ghost. It is so real. It is the power that speaks to the souls of men - 2 nephi 33:1. it is the power to keep us in the gospel and firm in the faith. As missionaries (haha and i feel like this is especially true when speaking another language) we have these promisses that it will be given to us exactly what to say in the very moment what we need to say. and its TRUE. but the spirit gives us more than the words, it gives us the power and the authority to teach the message of the gospel. BAM.
Yesterday we were teaching this silly evangelist woman who had allll these silly ideas and misinterpretations of the bible... anyways, Bible bashing and showing what the scriptures really mean dont get anywhere with people, but the Holy Ghost gets straight to the heart. BAM.

È verdade. Não pode negar.

Anyways, today for P-day we're having a little play day with sister christensen and her companion Sister Armstrong, and our beloved Sister missionary coordenator, Barbara. (I told you guys about her on Christmas - love her. what a gem.)

beijo beijo beijo,
sister waaaaaaaddle

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