Sunday, May 2, 2010

families can be togeeeeeether forever

Hey fam-bam!

How much did we all love general conference? First up – how about the incredible themes about the importance of families, the relationship between parens and children, and raising strong youth in the gospel. Mom and dad, thank you for bringing us up in the church. Made me miss my fam. But thats ok because i felt close to you guys especially during the Sunday morning session... because... i saw aunt mary ellen singing in the choir! in the second to last hymn, i saw her for like 1 second, and obviously got all teary an couldnt handle it, but it was great. mary ellen, you're lookin good, as always. :) i LOVED the music of the sunday morning sesh. kelly and daniel you are SO lucky to have been there to soak it up live. carumba, This is The Chist was amazing.

Other thing i loved - we had two complete families of investigators with us, and it was m.a.r.v.e.l.o.u.s. we had the family of fransisco and aureni - cutest little family ever - wants to get baptized, but works every sunday, but wants to stop working on sunday to keep the sabbath day holy. Other family of Paulo and Ana Lucia. When we met them Ana Lucia was the lady who wanted nothing to do with the book ofmormon, but at the endf of the lesson she was loving it. Well she and her husband had split up, but they are kindof in the process of getting back together, but its VERY tense still. and ana lucia is paranoid about raising two teenage boys. anyways They came to conference together, and i was sitting next to her, and during the session i saw him reach for her hand and they stayed holding hands listening to the messages from the prophet and apostles anbout protecting and taking care of the family. sweetest thing ever. i love this gospel.

k i have to RUN and teach these wonderful people. This is going to be a gnarly week. :)

love, sister kat.

and ps just to clear up what seems to be a bit of confusion, i broke my HAND, not my arm.
k love you bye

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