Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hi Family!

quickest email ever...
today is transfer day. i'm staying in Gama again (3rd transfer here). Sister Lima is leaving and my new companion will be sister França. She is brazilian and from the north-east of brazil. i've talked to her like one time in my life on the day she got here, and it was for 30 seconds. (hi welcome to the mission. etc.) i dont know her at all but i'm excited to get to know her :)

the conference with elder nelson was i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e.
we had 4 general authorities and their wives and all 8 of them spoke. it was like a mini general conference and they said everything i had been needing to hear. It was so so good. Sister Nelson is a GEM. Elder Nelson is the sweetest thing ever. the others were brazilian members of the quorum of 70, and they were equally excellent.

real quick random side note - thats funny that you guys celebrated darren collins bday because i had a dream last night about hanging out with the collins and siaosis and we rode beach cruisers, went surfing, and told stories about D rock.

other shouter outer is a big congratulations for emily for her wedding! i hope it is a magical affair and i cant wait to hear about it/see pictures (hint hint)

k, welpppp, gotta goooo
love you so much!
sister wardle

oh ps and las, value pela dica! gostei muito das copas pra ensinar a restauração. espero que vc batize tdo mundo até o pózinho, rs rs. MAS. 4513584 dias

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