Sunday, November 8, 2009

Elder Richard G. Scott

Hi fam fam,

Elder Scott came to town and it was wonderful. He gave great training on how to present the Book of Mormon as evidence which proves the truth of the message of the restored gospel, and proof that the church is true. He even had a few of the missionaries come up and do practices and then gave personal feedback on how it went. it was sweet. He also taught great doctrine on how to receive and follow guidance from the Holy Ghost. And then the last part was about how our character and our faith are so closely related, and how God uses our faith to test and improve our character. And he gave the whole thing in pretty darn good Portuguese. and his accent was really cute.

Plus President Pizzirani spoke and it was a killer talk about what sets our church apart from other religions, and other churches. i LOVED it. Also, this Sunday in church President and Sister Pizzirani came to our ward it was hands down the greatest Sunday church meeting we've had in the field. AND they brought with them a member of the Area 70 and it was all around a very good day.

In other news, we were eating lunch at a members house the other day, and the food made me think of the Siaosi boys. in one letter they asked me what the weirdest food I have eaten has been. You have to understand how the brasilians really just love to mix all the food in the house together and call it a meal. for example: rice, beans, pasta, chopped up hot dog, corn, hard boiled eggs, bananas, chicke, and steak. it is so weird but strangely so good. And for desert - popsicles and banana bread. love this country.

I was thinking the other day how the funniest things that i want to tell you are all action-type stories. the kind where you have to act them out and actually see what the person is doing to think its funny. this being impossible to do right now, i have a little listy that i'm making to re-enact next christmas for you. one of them is a woman that would've fit in well in Paul's mission in Belem. (Paul - lembra por quê estava tão difícil quando você chegou no campo? por causa da higenica dos dentes... ou seja, falta dos dentes... estas histórias são em relato assim. muito engraçado)

Aaanyways, next week we have transfers, and I'm almost sure I'll be stickin around here in Guará I, but I'll find out for sure next monday morning. I hope that nothing changes, I love being with sister hill, and I dont want to loose sister hill as a companion again. Saying goodbye to her is such a drag. so, we'll see what next week has in store.

oh, and if anyone has news on alicia's baby por favor send that along. and her address too please. ooooobrigada.


Sister Wardle

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