Thursday, November 12, 2009


And hello to a new area!

Today is transfer day, so there is basically no time to speak of. We are ALL being transfered out of this area. We had 4 Sisters here, Christensen and MJ, and Sister Hill and I, and we're all getting transfered away. We still dont know where we're going but we'll find out pretty soon here. And we think that this ward/this area is getting changed to Elders. Welp, see ya later, Guara!

I'm going to miss Sister Hill like crazy. She was the gem of this transfer. She made the hard days so much better, and every other companion has really huge shoes to fill.

As far as new companions go - I'm going to be getting a new American sister fresh from the CTM tomorrow. I dont know anything else about anything, but I'll find out this afternoon or tomorrow or something.

And this past week was a little bit hard, and a little bit silly (sih-we), but thats ok. The best part about this week was the primary presentation for sacrament. The pianists for both wards that meet in our chapel were no-shows, so I had the pleasure of filling in. It was seriously the best 2 hours of the week, just playing the primary hymns and watching all the kids sing. LOVED it.

Tomorrow starts a new day, new week, new area, new companion!
orações, sorte, e sorvete, and I should be just fine.

Love Love Love love lvoe love love love love you!
Sister Wardle

And DISH - CONGRATS ON BABY EVAN. I'm so excited to blow bubbles with him in 13 months!

DISH is Kat's friend Alicia who had a baby boy. Congrats to the Lagenkijk family.)

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