Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Land of Aguas Claras (beijo para lasley!)


NEW news!

My NEW COMPANION is Sister Lindenlaub, and she's fresh from the CTM.
When the new missionaries arrive in the field they have the group shot
taken, and then one with Pres and Sister Pizzirani, and then one more
with their trainer. These are the pictures from when sister li
got here, and so I'm just forwarding them along to you. Sister
Lindenlaub is from Goodyear, Arizona, and she is just a little
sweetheart. Its kinda crazy going from being trained to training, so I'm
trying hard remember all the good things that sister canfield did with
me, and trying to pass them on to her.

Our NEW AREA is called Aguas Claras. Its on the outskirts of Brasilia,
and its divided into two sectors. Theres the huge rich area with super
high apartment buildings where everything is all nice and delux and
polished and you kinda feel like your in a really chic part of new york

city. That's the actual city of Aguas Claras, and its all commuter
people who live here and work in downtown Brasilia. Then the other half
is called Areal, and its the regular Brasil that I'm used to. :) Its
really crazy being double transfered into a new area. I had never been
here before, and obviously Sister Lindenlaub doesnt know whats going on,
so its been interesting trying to get around. We spend a lot of time
walking and trying to find our appointments, and asking directions from
everyone. (Too bad a prominent characteristic of most Brasilians is that
they are lacking that whole sense of direction thing...But they always
act like they have a surety of where they are sending you, and more
often than not, it will turn out to be the exact opposite direction
. Ah
welp, sugar.) Anyways we're starting to get a handle of things better.

Also its great to be in a NEW WARD! It was a little branch before, but
in the last year they've become a ward. We dont have a chapel, but we
meet in an apartment building, using a bunch of little connecting rooms.
Its kind of awkward and crowded, but its SO GREAT. and 80% of the ward
speaks English! So its a great first ward for sister lindenlaub. There
are a few returned missionaries who served in the states, and some other
people who teach english classes here, and others who just studied
english for funsies. We even have an American in the ward. His name is

Keith and he gave us ice cream. Thank you Keith.

On Sunday in this ward they had the primary program during sacrament
meeting. They dont have a piano, but they use this funky keyboard organ
thingy. I was playing for the program and it was the most ridiculous
thing ever. baha i dont play the organ! I was messing up all over the
place, and the kids were a little rowdy. There were some technical
difficulties with the microphones, and it was kinda hectic. Not to
mention that the organ has like 1 setting: circus. Picture primary hymns
and sister wardle on the circus organ. GOOD TIMES!

But thats ok, it didnt deter our investigators! We had a guy name
Bright and his mom and a few other people there at church, so it was
still great. Bright was BAPTIZED on Sunday afternoon and it was
faaantastic! Cutest little man ever. His face and his behavior after was
adorable. thank you bright. (sidenote: the other day i was like, bright,
how did you get your name? he's all, oh my parents just found it in an
english dictionary. yayy good name!)

Anyways, I'm almost out of time, but i have to throw down some SERIOUS
thank yous...

MOM - COOKIE MIX. i LOVE you. thank you mom.

Laura - THANK YOU for the pictures! dont worry I spent like 30 minutes
pouring over every single one, making my companion listen to 80 million
stories about curtis, corinne, derek, carlsbad football/cheer, the
works. and THANKS for the Skirt! Its perfecto.
Marsha! - Thank you THANK YOU for the byu football shirt! i feel so
connected to byu :) it is a serious tragedy to miss a cougar football
season, so thanks for sending me the merchandise so i can still rep my
team. And thank you so much to Sister Hunt for the letter and card. I
have the best support ever from family and friends.
Grandma - Love the letters, always uplifting
Sister Auton - love the c-bad updates and newsletters. all news from
home is always good news!
Jake STREETER - welcome home! Thanks for the last letter from the mish.
love you cuz :)

Jacob VOEKEL - Love the inspiration packet - that Elder Holland excerpt
definately kicks you into gear!
Mindy BAATTTT - omg MIA is adorable. congrats on the angel
and ALICIA LASLGKJMEBEKNDIJK - thanks for the card and congrats again on
the baby!
Greg - excellent advice, excellente letter, e excellente photos!

K, bahh, i gotta go. LOVE YOU SO MUCH. THANK YOU for the support. LOVE

Sister Wardle

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