Saturday, March 27, 2010

Be grateful for your thumbs


Be grateful for your thumbs, because someday you might fall and break your hand and you'll be stuck with a cast and you wont be able to use your thumb. This is a little lesson i learned this week. oopsie.

i have no time left and its extremely incommodating to type with one hand so i'll just tell you the story of how it happened...

Sister Lima and Barbara and I were leaving this building and there was a outdoor stairway and banister. You'd think that after sliding down thw banisters virtually every day south of campus at BYU, that I'd be able to slide down this banister too without problems. Turns out the coefficient of friction of my skirt is much lower than that of jeans, so the skirt slides a LOT faster. I almost made it down the whole handrail, but i fell at the end, and bounced off the last step and hit the ground way hard. I bruised my tail bone - a real pain -- and broke a bone in my hand. So now i have a huge cast that goes all the way up past my elbow (because he had to immobolize the entire arm so i wouldnt rotate my wrist.) i have to have the cast for 60 days!!! anyways it stinks, but whatevs. the good news is that it was my left hand :)

other good news: the church is true, and so is the book of mormon. it has so much power to change our lives. all we haves to do is read it. yayyy.

sorry this email is lame. mom, dont worry about it I'm fine :)welp love you!


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