Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i got sick :(

HI fam.

WELP this week was not the greatest. I got pretty sick but I'm feeling like 90% right now, so thats good :)

Last thursday i woke up at 2:00 am and i was feeling really sick so i got up went to the bathroom and started throwing up a bunch. so i took a shower and while i was in the shower my companion woke up and she called through the door, "gringa, are you ok?" and i responded, "tô passando mal" (i'm not feeling well). haha but with the noise of the shower what she heard was, "estou lavando a mão." (i'm washing my hand). haha so she just went back to bed.

But the next morning i didnt get any better. So I after lunch on friday i was in no state to work, so we ended up going to the hospital. They gave me an iv and said it was to treat my symptoms, and that i would be able to sleep. My symptoms that I had include: headache, stomach ache, sore throat, diarrea, fever, dizziness, and vomit. The medicine that they gave me treated NONE of those symptoms. We were in the hospital for like 3 hours, and then the nurse came back and was like, "ok are you feeling good to go?" and i was like, no, lets try this again please. so the second round of stuff they gave me was excellent. Also the elders came and gave me a blessing. i love the priesthood. afterwards i slept like a baby and went home and slept some more.

The next day was saturday and it was the day of Carine's baptism. Except that i still needed to sleep A LOT so I stayed at a members house and slept most of the day and sister lima went on splits to teach some people. Saturday evening for the baptism - obviously i had to go - and it was wonderful. Carine is an angel. sweetest thing ever. She's dating this member and he baptized her, and it was a great baptism. afterwards she went around handing out party favors and thanking everyone for coming. sweet heart.

Sunday i still had zero energy to get out of bed, and even though it was church i wanted to go so bad but i couldnt. But my ANGEL of a companion took care of everything. She set up splits so that someone would stay at home with me, and she went to church and took care of everything with the confirmations, and with everything and i slept like a baby some more. Then once the entire ward found out that Sister Wardle was sick we started getting alllll the phone calls from everyone in the ward to check on me and see how i was. brazilians are seroiusly such nice people! like half of the relief society called to see how i was. and after church the young mens president and the entire young mens organization came over to our apartment to bless and administer the sacrament. little sweeties. plus Barbara came to visit. we know how i love her. i think that was the best one because she lives SO far away now, and it was a complete surprise.

But anyways, I'm feeling good now. I'm still not really sure exactly what it was. doctor hottie from the hospital said that I had an intestinal infection, and that it was because of something i ate. so thats good to know that i dont have worms or any weird diseases. yay.
(bre- i was thinking of you the majority of the time that i was conciously awake and capable of thinking. and of your experience in brazilian hospitals. and how you wished you had someone to whom you could say, "i got worms" so that they would laugh. ah welp. sugar.)

So that was pretty much the week. We're going downtown today to meet up with Barbara and Sister Canfield. YAY. LOVE them. Sister canfield has like 2 weeks left in her mission and then she's going home. haha Barbara and I are planning a special musical number that we're going to sing the day that she leaves. I'll see if i can record it for you guys to enjoy.

have a wonderful week!
Sister Wardle

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