Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hi Fam,

Very little time to write, but that's ok, because this week I have very
little to write anyways. Our week was good -- kinda. We had a few
difficulties with bringing people to church, and some other stuff, but
it's cool baby. This is one of the good things about the mission: when
you have a week that's not so great, there's always another week coming
right after it.

So since there's nothing fantasic to report, I'll share with you a few
of my favorite Sister Lima quotes:

One day I was kinda out of it, and she looked at me and said in English,
"Gringa, do you be fine?" bahahaha right after she said that I felt
great again.

Another day I said some little sassy comment (as a JOKE) and this one
she said in portuguese, "Sister, in English you must be a real pill
because you're turning into quite the smart alec in Portuguese."

One of the days I was sick and was going to take tylenol. And I was
going to take three pills at the same time. She flipped, and said, "I'm
going to write a note in your letter of recommendation that says,
"Whatever you do, don't let her medicate the children!"

And another day when I wasn't eating my usual mountain of food she goes,
"You know there's something wrong with the Gringa when she doesn't eat,
so you tell me what it is right now and we're going to fix it."


But I love you guys more. I miss you a bunch. Sister Nickole Canfield
(my trainer) is going home next week. Sad. Ah welp. It happens.

Sister Wardle

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