Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1. short 2. short 3. short

Hi family!

1. This week was SHORT! The mission is long long days, with short short
weeks. We worked really really hard this week, but we havent exactly
been seeing the fruits of our labors, so we're trying to find things to
change and do better.

2. I cut Sister Hill's hair this morning really SHORT. bahaha it looks
ridiculous. (oops - turns out you really do have to go to cosmotology
school to know what you're doing). Its like that time when Juliette cut
Chase Lonas' hair and was dancing around snipping here and there. Welp,
except in America there is a SuperCuts to fix it, and here the hair
cutters are not super great, so we're just leaving it. baha oh well.

3. Um, this email is really SHORT? Sorry, but there's just not lots to
say and not lots of time to say it. But the mission is good, and I'm SO
EXCITED for JAKE STREETER. I think he comes home this week? last week?
next week? dont know, but much love to the cousin who fought the good
fight and kept the faith and finished his course in Mexico. (Jake is our cousin, who is actually coming home from Honduras)

Love you!
Sister Wardle

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  1. My boys miss Elder Lona's! He just left from my ward!!! We hope he is enjoying being home and adjusting well!!!