Friday, October 16, 2009

Life without Lasley

Here is her email dated August 4, 2009:

Sorry i really cant even write much. i just killed a good 8 minutes of precious time trying to figure out how to attach a few pictures, but everytime i thought i got it to attach the email would delete. anyways, i'll try and print them of and mail some home, then maybe you can scan and attach them to another email? whatevs.
Anyways, this week has been pathetic. (Things are going well, i love the church, i love my companion, i love everything about the CTM.) EXCEPT that sister lasley left, and now sister hill and i just walk around missing her = we're pathetic. so, life without sister lasley is definitely different around here.
But, tudo bem, all is well. we were made up our own new games. We played watermelon wars at dinner the other night. sister hill and i would take a HUGE bite, then get all the seeds as ammo and spit them across the table. (nostalgic for sister lasley who first introduced us to shooting the seeds.) then this morning we took our extra mattresses out and had a good time with running jumping/flying/falling with style on the mattresses. (these would be the alleged photos i was trying to send.)
In other news, the church is superrr true. we taught the plan of salvation in TRC this week. it was a hard lesson because there is SO much to teach, and it had a lot of vocab, but it went ok. yesterday we finished our 3rd lesson in portuguese, and that one is a lot easier because its the doctrine of christ and stuff.
Our district goes proseletyzing again this week on Friday! last time we went just around the neighborhood of the CTM, but this time we get in buses and we go down to the center of the city. They will drop us off in downtown sao paulo (5th largest city in the world) and say, "ok be back in 3 hours." wish us luck! :)
ummm, i have no time left. sorry for the lamo letter. I LOVE YOU!!!
Sister Wardle
PS. Sister Lasley nos amamos vocĂȘs tanto tanto tanto. and i LOVED your forwarded email. good luck with basquetch, and we'll be joining you no campo in a few semanas!

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