Friday, October 16, 2009

People weren't kidding when they said, "Your Mission is a Rollercoaster"

From an email dated October 6, 2009:

hi Family!!

ups, downs, all arounds, loops, drops, and whirly-doos.That pretty much explains the last two weeks.

The reason I didnt write an email home last week is because I was transferred out of my last area, and P-day was only about 3 hours long that day, and I ended up using all of that time to clean, pack, and prepare for a big change.

So here are just a few of the ups and downs of the last week in Ceilândia (my last area):
we were working to re-activate this family, and had 3 baptisms lined up and everything fell through, so that was a deeeefinate low.Then on the flip side, there was a miracle change of heart for this mother to give permission for her daughter to be baptized. This girl Janaina has a super strong testimony, but shes under 18 so couldnt be baptized without parental consent, so it was a huge miracle that the mom allowed it, and we worked so hard for it, and it was so sweet seeing how the mom changed over the course of a week as we testified like no other, and she even gave the closing prayer at her daughters baptism. it was sweet.Then back on the down side, we found out some real bad news that isnt even worth bringing up, but it was like my heart dropped out of my body.Then later like the same day we had really really really good cake, because the members knew i might get transfered, so they made my favorite cakes for me. not that i need any more cake, but i seriously love how they make cake here so much. ohhhh yum.

So then Monday morning we get the HIGHLY anticipated transfer phone call, and found out that Sister Canfield (my trainer and psuedo-mom on the mission) would be staying in ceilandia, and that I was getting transfered to an area called Guará 1. and that I would be companions with non other than the illustrious Sister Karlee Hill. Does that name ring a bell? IT SHOULD. we were companions in the CTM. aka we were meant to be together? yes. So finding that out brought me through a whole range of emotions. I absolutely love love love Sister Hill, and being companions with her in the CTM was the greatest thing in the world, so being comps again in the field should be great too, right? Right. The only thing is the enormous change of going from 1 transfer as a super newbie fresh in the field, to being a senior companion. Whaaaat? So anyways, its very interesting how God works, and I realize so much how He has everything perfectly perfectly planned. I see know that this is the reason I've been extremely blessed with learning this language, so that I can be companions with sister hill again and be able to speak and understand. And I can literally feel and see this mantel of how much the spirit blesses me to understand what these people are saying and then knowing what to say and teach. I could NOT do this without the divine help I'm receiving.

So then there are the ups and downs of this week in Guará...another baptism that fell the day before, after this elect girl had been prepared and interviewed and all set to go, but it didnt happen.the HUGE stress/blessings of being in this companionship again.the new blisters everywhere on my feetthe people too drugged up on illegal meds to listen/understand our messagethe disgusting feijoadas we ate at lunch 2 days in a rowthe people denying baptism even though they KNOW its right.

but the good sides -i love sis hilli love and miss being with sis canfieldwe live in an apartment with 4 sisters with sister Christiansen and Sister MJ from the CTM too.we had a day to go to the Zoo last week and play for an hourgift of tonguesgift of interpretation of tonguesdelicous pao de quijo.this adorable 80 yr old man who likes to speak english with uswe found an ELECT man yesterday and he is also fluent in englishthe scriptures are REALLLY REALLY goodSister MJ is hilarous when she speaks englishand yesterday i saw a grown man on a bus wearing a shakira shirt.i was pleased.

Also, a huge huge blessing this week was general conference. And yes, mom, i was blown away with elder hollands talk. We got to watch it in english with the other american missionaries, and it was incredibly powerful. all of our jaws were just dropped like the whole time.i also really loved elder bednars talk so so much, and I just want to tell my family at home how much i love love love you. I cant do a lot from here for you except pray a bunch and write a little email once a week, but you guys are so much to me, and thank you so much for your support. And I always testify to the people here in brazil about how i love the gospel and the message of joy about our Christ and how families can be together forever, but I havent shared that enough with you at home. I love the Savior and I know that He is the way. and I love His gospel and its perfection in all aspects. I am so grateful for His grace and mercy and love and spirit that he is pours out on us every day. The message of the restoration is true. and the message of the plan of salvation is a plan of love from a loving Heavenly Father. President Uchtdorfs talk was so powerful about the nature of God. And I loved the themes of conference about love. and how we need to be identified as a people of love. i LOVE the gospel, and i LOVE you all.

sister wardle
(oh and the people here can say my name, so i'm back to introducing myself as sister wardle. Sister Waddley stayed in the last area.)

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  1. So I'm Sister Karlee Hills brother. I googled her name and your blog is the one that popped up. If you see her tell her that Brody misses here muy mucho. Lol. Go give 'em Heaven now ya hear?