Friday, October 16, 2009

You know that one Blue's Clue's song?

From an email dated October 13, 2009:

Here's the mail
It never fails
It makes me wanna wag my tail,
when it comes I wanna wail,

Yahhh... about that... some day I'll grow up and find a better way to express myself than by reciting lyrics of a Nickelodean song. But until that point, I've found that this song is pretty good at explaining how I feel every 4-6 weeks at zone conferences. I received a bunch of letters and packages this week and it just makes me SO HAPPY. THANK YOU!!!

Family - love you
Mom - LOVE YOU thanks for the shirt and the pictures and the halloween decor
(and to chelsea monahan for the primary letters - omg so stinking adorable)
Grandma - love the updates on life and the fam and the cousins
Greg - inspirational? yes. love the letters and the pics. surf looks GOOD.
Sister Lasley - honestly where do you find the time on P-day to write letters?
Sister Auton - i love the news from the ward, makes me feel like I'm still a part of C-4!
Fred - i'm SO happy you loved france SO MUCH.
and MARTHA - Thanks a MIL for the sweet package. I'm glad you went to a good source (I'm assuming it was kelly). Really, so so nice of you.

the other missionaries kind of gawk when I receive a bunch of mail, and I am just so so grateful and blessed to have the support from friends and family at home, so Thanks a boatload!

In other news, this week went super fast. The days tend to drag sometimes, but then all the sudden its Sunday again. Crazy. And now I'm trying to rack my mind to think of the highlights worth telling you about. For starters, being companions with Sister Hill is just the greatest thing in the world. I absolutely love how we work together. its SO different from being companions in the CTM because now we're actually doing the real deal, and she is a huge strength to me. and we seriously just laugh all day long. this girl is a hoot. I cant wait for you all to meet her and love her.

(side note - mom or dad, can you forward this one to Donna Vidmar and also ask her to pass it along to Sister Woffinden from the CTM? She was one of our pals, and one day we were talking about how we wanted to be companions again in the field, and sister woffinden thought it probably wouldnt happen, but we were so stoked when we found out to be together again, so we want to just pass on the joyous news to pres and sister woffinden. cool, thanks!)

How to describe a day in the life with sister hill - yes, I'll use a Hercules quote: "we sing, we dance, we carry on, we go home happy." And yes, we teach the truths of the restored gospel. Could you have a better week? I submit that you could not. Just get excited for christmas 2010!

Other things about which to be excited - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAAAAAD! yayyy a time to eat cake! we do that close to every day in brasil, but just especially for you today I'll go ahead and help myself to an extra slice in honor of you.

ParabĂ©ns para vocĂȘ, nesta data querido
Muitas felicidades, muitos anos da vida!
(sing it to the tune of happy bday)
(PAUL! - remember when you taught me this on corinne siaosi's first little day of birth? yeaaa boiiii)

Other quick news, before I gotta go. We are teaching this family, and their names are Henrique e Larissa. And Larissa reminds me SO MUCH of Lisa Khoury. Its so crazy. She is the sweeeeetest lady. And she's BEAUTIFUL. She has this elegance and cute little behaviors paired up, and this "jeito" and a few of the same mannerisms of Lisa. anyways, maybe some day they could be friends.

OH and I forgot to tell you this from the other week too... we had a really fun day last week where all the Sisters in the mission got to go to the ZOO. We had a mini sisters meeting at the mission home first, and then some new instructions and slightly amended rules for the sisters for our safety and health, and then we all got to go play for an hour at the zoo. So that was sweet, and we were literally RUNNING all over the place because we had 1 hour and the Zoo is HUGE. but we saw lots of animals and took lots of pictures, and someday when there's time I'll try and send some home. (Sorry I still dont know how to email pictures... ah, welp, what are ya gonna do.)

So this week we had a few exceptionally choice teaching experiences. We taught a man named Marcos who is super elect. and fluent in English! and there is this other family, and the mom, Iada, said that she had been praying all week for some one to come and help her out and find Christ again, and she said that we were angels sent to help her. And she said that she has fallen away from the church that she usually goes to, and that she was hoping that some one from her church might come and be-friend her again, but she believes that instead, God sent us to help her. We were pretty amped up after that one. So we taught her about how families can be together forever, and about how we receive these truths through the restored gospel, and about how a prophet directs the church - you know all the good stuff. she loved it. we loved it. there was love felt in the room. church is true.

And also this week was a holiday on Monday, so we participated in the Helping Hands project. Super fun. There were a bunch of stakes that combined to clean up a school. Big time clean up. We're talking re-doing the "grass" (aka piles of rocks and weeds with ants the size of my thumb), repainting the school walls, putting up new wall coverings, cleaning everything, and painting the playground equipment. bahaha then somebody from the newspaper came and interviewed me. and I was super embarrassed because I all of the sudden froze up and seemed to forget all my portuguese in 1 second, and so I really hope they dont use any of the quotes I said.

Anyways, gotta jet.
Sister Wardle

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