Friday, October 16, 2009

MLIA - My Life Is Awesome!

From an email dated September 22, 2009 (this one is a little out of order):

Hello to the GREATEST family in the WORLD!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the package and letters! You (family and friends very much included) are the greatest family in the world.

So, we get our mail every 3-6 weeks / most random intervals / who knows when. We had an awesome zone conference and training last Tuesday, where I received the packages and TONS of letters. Yayyy you guys didn’t forget about me! But one of the mission rules is that I could only open packages and read the letters on PDay, so I have been waiting for s.e.v.e.n. long days to open all that stuff. Hah so I woke up literally at 4:30 this morning to open and read and write back. It was like CHRISTMAS.

Dad, I got the package with the bag, and love it! And all the Brazilians love it too. They all think its sweet, and they love that I’m reppin the colors of the brazilian flag. And Mom thanks for filling it with school supplies and the cheezits! Don’t worry about E.L.Fudgekins, they have a close impersonation here called passo tempos which are really good.Lasley – Eu freakin amo voce. Suas cartas foram ótimo, e eu não sei como você tive tempo para escrever tantas cartas. O BRE gada. M.A.S. Eu estava chorando e rindo o tempo inteiro.Annie – you cute little housewife, I’m glad to hear that things are good at home, and just so you know, things are super great here tôo.
Jette – MLIA thank you thank you, I was cracking up with those gems.
Punk sucka – I got nothing but love. Nothing but love.
Also, a huge thanks to the Siaosi’s, Maja, and Sister Auton. Your letters are so awesome!
In other news, Dish-Dish, where’s your baby? I know your due in October, and I’m so excited for a little baby lagendijk! What a little blessing. tell me about life and whats happening! I really want your address too ps, because that’d be neat and then I could write you. Thanks.

And Mom, I love you! I'm so excited for you to help out with this missionary business! the work is SO true and its SO great to get the members involved, especially the youth. Just tell them to be FEARLESS and not to worry about how it might be awkward or uncool to share the church with their friends, and that the GOSPEL is the most special thing that they can possible share with their friends, and that their friends need what they have. Everyone needs the gospel. Everyone needs the joy and blessings that it brings and WE have the special privilege of being the ones to share it. I LOVE Preach My Gospel. It is an incredible resource and so so so inspired. You can read and study and ponder about each principle 50 times and learn and re-learn truths that you grew up with in new ways. And the Youth and members of the wards are SO awesome to help in missionary work. Our ward here is incredible. The youth are so stoked on missionary work, that they go out after school and make street contacts, and then they’ll give us a list of referrals and contacts for us. Or they’ll get dressed in skirts/dresses, or shirt and tie to come out and teach lessons with us.

I was excited to hear about that sacrament meeting the youth did a few weeks ago in the Carlsbad ward. That’s so cool! And Jake Siaosi, I think you spoke in church a few weeks ago too… keep up the good work! Because I know that this is the Lord’s work, and I love being a part of it. One of the greatest things I’ve learned, is not to miss an opportunity to testify. For example not just talking “about” the church, and the church as an organization. But really talking about the gospel, and what it means to me. How the gospel has blessed my life, my family, etc. This is where I feel the spirit, and in turn hopefully help others feel the spirit.

Anyways, I love it. It is truth. There is no other truth but gospel truths. Also, this week was great, but now I don’t have time to tell you. Nothing super exciting happened. I probably gained weight, I dunno, what else is new. But TODAY after this we’re going to this open market place thingy in another city, and we’re going to meet up with SISTER HILL. I’m STOKED.
Sister Las, if only you could be with us. Don’t worry youre always with us in heart and alma.

Miss you,
Love you,
Sister Waddley

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