Friday, October 16, 2009

I made it!

From an email dated August 22, 2009:


I made it to Brasilia safe and sound :)

Sorry I didn't write on Tuesday - that was the day we left the CTM and flew out to Brasilia. Then instead of having P-day, we met our Mission President, had a little training/orientation to the mission, and got our new trainers. I'm being trained by Sister Canfield. She's American, she's from Logan, UT, and she's great.

Sorry I can't really write right now, because this is just an update to let you know I'm here and send you these pictures that were taken on Tuesday when we arrived. And to let you know I love you! The field is great, and I'm excited to work. Our area is called Ceilândia... googlemap it if you want.

Also - One of the mission rules is that I am not allowed to receive or send emails from/to anyone except immediate family members. So can you forward this and let people know that I'm not ignoring them, and that I cant read it, so written letters would be great.

My mission address is:
Sister Kat Wardle
Lote B1 Sala 304/307
Brasilia DF

write me uppppp!

LOVE YOU, love you, love you!

--Sister Wahdleeeey
(this is how the peeps here pronounce my name.)

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