Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 days to mothers day!

Hello faaamily

Our mission changed P-Day to tuesday again. go figure.

The place where we use the internet every week has the same guy working here and today for ONCE he changed the music. Usually it's this terrible Brazilian style of music called funk (it's like a guaranteed headache in 30 seconds or less). But, today he's playing classic rock and roll from the U S of A. Right now it's "Eye of the Tiger" and it makes me miss D-rock.

This week's rating was average to good. Unfortunately our baptisms fell through. But, we have some good prospects for this week. I don't have much time but i'll just tell you one quick story...

Last week we were teaching a family who we found because the wife had requested a DVD from a pass a long card. We went and delivered the DVD and left a message with them. When we were getting to know the couple, the dad told us how his son was in jail for something that he didn't do and it was really un-just and how he was hoping and praying that his son would be freed and that the legalities would be sorted through so he could get out of jail. We left a short lesson about how when we keep the commandments we are blessed and left an invitation to go to church. We are trying extra hard to help people fulfill commitments by promising specific blessings. Sometimes as missionaries we hold back on promising a specific blessing. But, really this is a lack of our faith, not the faith of the investigator. So, we decided to go big or go home on this one. We promised him that if he went to church with us on Sunday that the paper would go through and his son would get out of jail. The dad agreed to go to church, but the mom didn't.

The next day we went to follow up. The woman didn't want to have anything to do with anything. She didn't even open the DVD, and she was ready to return it to us. But, she said that it was ok with her if her husband wanted to keep learning about the Church. The husband, Luis, had really been touched the night before and he was willing to keep the commitment and go to church.

Sunday morning we showed up at 8:00 and he was standing at the gate, ready to go, with the pamphlet we had left in hand. He went to church and liked it, and turns out he has a few friends who are members of the Church. The next time we had the chance to talk to him, the first thing we did was to ask about his son. Luis was alll happy and he was like, "my son is free, he got out of jail." yayyyy. I think it was more a test of my faith than it was for his. So, it was pretty cool that it worked out. We are teaching him the gospel now. :)

The Church is true. Ask for specific blessings and make specific promises to be obedient and the Lord blesses us. Yay.

Side note - The music playing right now is AC/DC you shook me all night
long - i'm staying focused on the mission and humming MOTABs ;)

Mom, Dad, Paul, Elizabeth, Llama, Crown, and Jette i am so excited to talk to you on Sunday. I've been working on my English ever since Elder Nelson basically burned all the Americans when he told us that he thinks it's pathetic when returned missionaries go back to the United States and claim to have forgotten English. He says its no excuse, and that we should excel in both languages. ai ai. eu tava me estressando apenas com o portugues o tempo todo, e agora tenho que me estressar com os dois idiomas. que bom. :)

EMILY LONAS - Congrats on the wedding. I'm so happy for you and i got your letter today (the 2 in one was excellent and i LOVED the plan of salvation teaching aid you included).

ALICIA LAGENDIJK - I miss you a bunch and I have a letter in the process of being written to you. Thank you for the patience and the support :). Tell Evan I love him and think he's adorable.

Side note 2 - The music is AC/DC Thunderstruck - makes me miss Corinne and her ridiculous cds (sick mix 12-22 for me when i get home).

BRE - que saudades! caraca q isso - vc vai embora dia 8 de dez? rapaz,
eu nem consigo pensar nisso agora. como é que vc já sabe da data? Por
favor me perdõe pela falta das cartas. rs parece que eu peguei aquela
caneta de novo, e eu vou ter que começar os cinco passos mas uma vez.
mas não se preocupe com os negócios dos cachorros ou os hospitais
aqui. não é nada quando você comparar com a história da sua
companheira que vc tava treinando. flip. desde o ctm, eu falei pra vc
q vc é a folha, e suas companheiras e responsabilidades são os
pedrinhos. kkk lembra? mas amo você, e espero que tudo esteja bem
agora. Vam pra a pria de floripa? já tô ai. bjo!

K gotsta go,
love you all!
Sister Wardle

I apologize that the last two post were out of order.

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