Wednesday, June 16, 2010

family of 8 becomes 9?

Hello Family, and DANIEL

Welcome to the FAMILY! (in the near future)


Yay. Purple and coral? or something like that? I say congrats, and get
married whenevs you wants - august, novembro, december next weekend -
as long as its in the temple, does the date really matter? keep me
updated with wedding plans, announcements, invites, flowers, pictures,
and anything else thats happening on the down low, and i'll be just
happy as a clam at high tide

In other news, you know, missionary work is good. we had a wonderful
week with wonderful things happening every day. Excellent progress
with Rosa an Arthur - two of the sweetest little testimonies ever. I
LOVE the transformation the gospel makes, and seeing how people make
subtle but meaningful changes in their lives to keep the commandments
and live the gospel. When we were teaching them on saturday night, we
were getting ready to leave and head home. it was 8:45, and Rosa said,
"we'll walk down to the little bakery with you to buy milk, because
tomorrow is sunday and we cant buy stuff anymore." so cute :) yay for
keeping the sabbath day holy.

good news: the birth certificate of Emerson arrived!!! Remember that
family of GOLD with 8 people that has been investigating the church
all month? they havent been able to get married because the dad lost
his birth certificate, but we 'ordered' a new one, and it finally
arrived, so we're going to the civil office to start the process for
their legal marriage this friday. I hope everything goes according to
plan for it, and then it takes 30 days for the documents to go through
the full process. we'll start planning their wedding for next month.
Mom you said that planning a wedding in 3 months is a challenge? We're
going Lon and Cheryl wardrop style - planning a wedding in 30 days.
bahah jk its going to be so low key - they'll get married in the Gama
chapel, and it'll be a very very simple affair. but i'd really like to
spruce it up with a balloon arch. i'm thinking like a cbad or byu
homecoming theme? haha all those years of asb planning will go to good
use. brincadeira.

funny news: unibiótico! There is this activity they hold at the church
called unibiotico. have no idea how to say it or if we have it in the
states, but its this full body excercise thats supposed to good for
your body, your skin, your internal organs, and your mind. its a mix
of yoga/pilates/and mellow aerobics, for all ages and gender. (this is
not a commercial, just background info.) we were talking to a lady
here who participates in it, and we were super curious to know how the
exercises go. Her name is Kenia, and she was super embarrassed and shy
to show us how to do it, but i was like, "no worries, we'll do it
together, just teach me how to do it." finally she gave in, and
started out with little stretches, then showed us some "exercises."
i. died. laughing.
we both laid down on the floor at the church (this was going on during
an interview, and we were doing nothing, just waiting). so we laid
down and she put her arms and legs in the air and started wiggling -
but like out of control wiggling. and it reminded me of mom when she
would show us the stuff the old byu frats used to do to rush the
freshman, like "i am a dying cockroach!!" you guys, i was crying, i
was laughing so hard. i love unibiotico, and highly recommend it to

physical therapy news: its pretty much a love/hate relationship.
its good because it makes my hand better.
its bad because at the end they ice my wrist and its real cold and
turns red for a long time.
its good because they play all these 90s hits on a satelite radio station
its semi-annoying because there are random timers going off all the
time for 10 different patients' exercises, etc.
its funny because the beeping timers make me think, "its time to get
the cookies out of the oven"
its bad because it throws off our schedule for the morning
its good because the bakery close by has really good cheese bread
(claro que é pão de quiejo por nickole e bre - quase igual ceilandia)

scriptural news: we finally got a new box of books of mormon! yay.
what a relief. i dont know how well known this personal factoid is
about me at home, but i absolutely loved having a full tank of gas
when i was at home. for me, there's some sort of inner
peace/tranquility/happiness/comfort in knowing that i have a full tank
of gas. Well its pretty much the same thing with a brand new box of 40
books of mormon. there's this happy feeling of knowing, "ok i'll be
good to go for a while," basically the same as a full spiritual tank
of gas? i dunno... just go with it. other scriptural news, we had a
great follow-up lesson with a woman about the book of mormon. we were
teaching her to read, pray, and ask for an answer. We repeated this
commitment for a long time with her, but she kept saying, "I'm just
not getting an answer..." so finally one time we went there, and we
were getting ready to cut her and stop teaching, but this time was
different. We went, and shortly after the opening prayer, she said,
"Sister Wardle, you were right, I got my answer." of course i got all
giddy when she said that her answer came directly from the book of
mormon, in Mosiah 5:2. its the response that the people give to king
benjamin, when they all say, "we know that these words are true.. and
we have no more disposition to do evil..." etc. 100% golden answer. i
love the answers from the book of mormon. i love love love it.

mission news: this is the last week of the transfer here in Gama. I've
been here for 3 transfers, and I'd really like to stay here next
transfer because i LOVE this area, love the ward, love the people, and
especially because i want to be here for the marriage/baptism of
Emerson and Rosali, and their family with Junior, Eduardo, Elias, and
Melia, (with little Eleina and Ana Clara too). But i dont know what
happening with the mission. There's talk about drastic changes in the
mission, but nobody really knows anything for sure - the elders are
just chatty. so we'll see what goes down.

food news: there is a burger place here called Geléia Burger. Its as
good as In-N-Out. seriously.
Its another really good reason i like this area :) plus they serve açai. yum.

k so thats the end of the news.
i love you all!
until next week,
sister kat

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