Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kats and Dogs dont get along


This last week has been eventful to say the least. Lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (sound of music)

I didnt really get a chance to say much about the conference we had last week, but it was incredible. It was like a spiritual pep-rally. I needed that boost, and it has really made a difference this week. One of the things i really liked was when Sister Nelson spoke about being the type of missionaries that our mothers are praying for us to be. I thought it was so cute and motherly of her, but then realized that it really means a lot. Thinking about how mom prays for everything, everyone, and their dog, i realized how i can and should do better to be the type of missionary that my mommyyy wants me to be. And how moms pray for all their childrens, and how if each of us tried harder to be the type of children that our parents pray for us to be, we would all be a lot better off. Then you take it to the level of our Heavenly Father. If i try harder to be the type of missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be. ANd if each of us, as children of God do more to be and to become what the Master has in store, we can all reach our divine potential.

Transferrrrs. Goodbye Sister Lima, hello sister França. They are super different, but i'm learning to get used to the change and it'll be a good transfer :)

we were going about our merry little way finding new people to teach, and we met a man named Robson in front of his house and he was going to introduce us to his sister who lives next door. We said hello, she opened the gate, i walked through the gate, and was attacked hahaha. This dog came out of NO WHERE and bit me near the ankle. It wasnt bad at all but it mostly just scared me and i screamed like a little girl. So we went in the house and washed it with soap and water. It hardly punctured the skin, but you can never be to careful, right? Then a few minutes later we were leaving the house and I walked out the front door and we were headed towards the gate, when I was attacked AGAIN. This time it wasnt quite as funny. The ferocious beast jumped up and bit the back of my thigh. It tore my skirt and he really dug into my leg, and its a legitimately deep gash. But I didnt want to stay. I tried to play it off like everything was fine and made a lame joke how the dog just didnt like the color of my bright green skirt, but basically i wanted to get out of there. We left and then i called Sister Pizzirani (mission preisdents wife) and she called the area doctor. Haha then the Area Doctor called me and it was like the most morbid phone call of my life. He told me how we needed to clean it and signs of infections etc. and how if the dog has rabies then i will absolutely with certainty die in 10 days. or i could go get the rabbies vaccine. obvoiusly i opted for the vaccine and we spent the rest of the day in the public hospital to get the stinking shots. now we have to go back to the house everyday for 10 days to monitor the dog and make sure the dog doesnt die or have rabbies, because if it does it will turn into a real mess. But the good news is that Robson went to church and accepted a date to get baptized this sunday :) So its all good, baby.

The blessed day of thursday april 22 was the day for me to take off my jumbo cast. I was so glad! The cast wasnt that bad at first, but after time it got really old. And less and less comfortable too. The inside padding was super packed down by the end of so many weeks and it got way hard--basically like a ski boot after a couple of seasons. So i was thrilled to take it off, and wash my arm. I had a funky allergic reaction to the inside of the cast and my arm came out super red and bumpy haha. But the cast isnt off for good, it just got smaller. Now i have a cast that just covers my hand and goes almost to the elbow. Its like a micheal jackson glove. Right now i'm trying to coordinate a p-day to get together with sister adams to have her teach me to moonwalk. The downside of this day was that we were at the hospital the whole day. there was a power outage while we were there and it took forever to get everything rebooted and all the systems going again. typical. loved it.

Friday and Saturday
Finally we had two good solid days of work without interruptions or disasters. We had some excellent lessons these two days. The spiritual pep rally got me stoked again, and I loved teaching the message of the restoration. I feel kinda selfish sometimes because i love teaching about joseph smith and the livro de mormon. i like to have my companions teach the other parts of the lesson so i can have the good stuff. i feel the spirit so strong with the restoration and the first vision and it makes me so happy to talk about it. So these two days were gooood.

SUNDAY - miracles
We got up early, went around to get everyone who said they would go to church, pretty normal -- until we actually got to church. In gospel principles there was a man and woman there who we had never seen. They were intelligent, participated, asked questions, responded, etc. Nobody knew who they were - they didnt come with other members, they just showed up. And they have 6 kids. The bishop was like, "sister wardle, did you see that enormous family at church today?" haha, but we found out that they used to go to church all the time in taguatinga, but they couldnt get baptized at the time because they arent legally married, and couldnt get married because there was a problem with the documents. Anyways, long story short, they are elects. and they fixed the problem with the documents. we went to teach them yesterday afternoon and the entire family sat together and we taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ. The 12 yr old son said, "but i was already baptized in the catholic church" and the dad said, "ya but that baptism was wrong and didnt have authority, this is the correct baptism in this church." (acredita!?) Then we told them how they need to get married to get baptized, and the dad looks to the mom and said, "what do you think, will you marry me?" Then the mom giggled and said, "sure!" cutest thing ever. so in about 4 or 5 weeks this family will be together in white getting baptized, and in about a year they'll be heading to the temple.

Alrighty well this email was the longest thing ever, but i just want you to know that i LOVE my mission. and i love you all so much. And i'm pumped to talk to you on mothers day! yay its just around the corner.

Much love,
Sister Wardle

I attached a picture of naked baby that i stalked for a week (yay!)
and a picture of the doggy bite on the back of my thigh (yuck!)
and a picture of me and a few other sisters.
On the far left is Sister França (my new companion) and then me (please notice the shirt that i made. i bedazzled an anchor on the front. classy, i know.) and then sister Lima (yes, we bought matching 5 dollar skirts that dont really fit and that i will never again wear in my life because its about 3 sizes too small) and next to her is Sister Silva - the drill sergant

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