Wednesday, June 16, 2010

what does mamma say about slidding down the banister?

hi fam!

good news, the doctor took off my cast. yayyyyy i'm free at last!
i'm doing physical therapy for the next week to regain all the range
of motion etc. its good

so as my birthday present to me, Heavenly Father gave me two excellent
a marvelous sunrise (why were we awake at 5:00 to see it? who knows)
AND a phone call from the young mens president saying that Arthur and
his mom Rose want to get baptized. BEST PHONE CALL EVER.

we have been working with them for over a month, but feeling
discouraged with the lack of progress they were making. but in
reality.-- they were progressing :)

happy birthday - happy baptisms.

k, sorry this is short.
gotsta go
love you so much

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