Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Its good to have a testimony


I love and MISS you. This week has been, oh you know, ups and downs. I
just want to tell you really quickly about how grateful I am for the
truthfulness of this wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ, and how
grateful I am to be a member of the church. I am almost coming up on
one year, and I can't count the number of times that I've born my
testimony. It is growing stronger, and i know that the church is true.
My testimony and my heart grew this weeek when I had the priveledge
and pleasure of hear those whom I have taught bear their testimonies
to me. feel free to open up my tear ducts and just let the tears flow
1. Arthur bore his testimony in front of the whole ward in fast and
testimony meeting on sunday. He adorable up there with his white shirt
and tie and telling about how he knows that this church is true. And
he received the priesthood afterward, awwwww.
2. Emerson bore his testimony about how he is so happy that they
entered the papers to get married. He said, "if i had known that
things would already start to get better so fast after keeping this
commandment, I would've gotten married a long time ago." We taught the
whole family about the proclamation to the world on the family, and
they loved it.
yay. the church is true.

in other news, MOM thank you for the Ensign. i love it. As far as
other letters and stuff goes, I think i'll get it all tomorrow because
we're having a conference. yay.

k sorry, gotta jet.

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