Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All is Swell


So I've decided that if I were a mormon surfblog writer, forecasting
the surf report with good waves, i would announce the conditions as,
"All is Swell." The chorus of "Come Come Ye Saints" is such a good
life anthem... and its basically the update of the week, all is swell.

This week I read a scripture that I was reallllly needing. I cant
actually remember the reference - i think it might be D&C 127:4...?
anyways, its to the saints that are building the temple in Kirtland,
and the Lord tells them to REDOUBLE their patience, their
perseverance, their diligence, and their work. And thats not to say
that they weren't already doing good work before this revelation was
given. But God requires that we redouble our work. So thats what we're
doing :)

As a result, we decided to break out of the Lago Sul comfort zone and
leave the area around our apartment. (aka pra nickolecanfield - we
stopped walking up and down the endless streets of Solar de Brasilia,
and the ridiculously overworked Jardim Botanico 5. We're working in
the QI-s and QL-s down by the lake...) We have been working in some of
the different parts of the area and it has been going surprisingly
well. There are great people here - and we're excited about the fresh
prospects, fresh investigators, fresh everything. I happy. Haha, and
as a total coincidence we came up to a man who was looking at
something on his rooftop, and introduced ourselves, etc. He was like,
"I already know all about you're church, my wife is a member" Except
that people say stuff like this all the time, but they're usually
confusing us with another church. But then we later found out that his
wife really is an active member, but that he's inactive, etc etc. The
good news about it is that we talked to his wife and she's super nice,
and we marked a family home evening with them and then invited like
the whole street. yay for referrals. So there is a definite good vibe
in the other parts of the area. It requires quite a bit more on our
part, and thats exactly what I'm needing right now. yay for

The only thing i was going to tell you from last week, but then i
forgot was about the fastest prayer to ever be answered in all time.
We accidentally got on a bus that took us almost out of our area, and
then we realized we were going the wrong way so we got off at this
dark and deserted corner. And then we had NO idea where we were, and
we had no money to get back... oopsie. So after being on the corner
for all of 15 seconds, I told my comp that we werent going to do
anything until we said a prayer first. so we said a prayer. check.
then we we turned around to go up the little hill where there was a
little light of a gated neighborhood, to figure out where we were. I
started to call one of the elders to let him know the situation, and
when he picked up i started to explain but before finishing the
sentance, we heard someone calling our name, "Siiisterrrsssss" And
then we looked and saw a member of our ward - Celia to the rescue! i
almost cried i was so happy to see her. She was like, "what are you
girls doing here? do you want a ride?" Seriously the fastest prayer
ever answered. I loved it. I was SO grateful because i'm not
kidding... i was scurred. Anyways, my testimony of prayer tripled that

So here's some outrageous news - we had a baptism in our area this
week. Outrageously cool circumstances for this baptism. His wife has
been a member her whole life, but he never ever accepted the doctrine
of the Restoration. Because it would mean that his church activity in
another religion was based on falsehoods. So that was it. end of
story. he had already been to church a bunch of times, but never
believed in the church because he never believed in the restoration.
Then one night, totally out of the blue - his wife was reading the
Book of Mormon out loud to her 5 hear old son. Her husband was out of
view, but he was listening to them reading, and he felt in his heart,
and knew in his mind that the book of mormon is TRUE. And he knew that
Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that the restoration is true, and that
the church is true. And he decided to get baptized. GAHHHH is that the
coolest thing ever or what? He's pals with President Pizzirani, and so
the two of them worked everything out, and then President Pizzirani
came and baptized him on Saturday night and he was confirmed Sunday
morning. miracle. miracle. miracle. the Spirit brought by Book of
Mormon is the coolest thing ever. read it. love it. live it.

K well, we best be going.
I love you a bunch, and have a wonderful week!

Sister Wardle

side note: Tomorrow I'm going to the foot doctor! hooray! my feet are
horrifyingly thrashed hahaha.

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