Wednesday, October 6, 2010


DISCLAIMER: "I LOVE WALKING," or for you Caddy Shack fans, "Gunga galunga... gunga, gunga-lagunga."

I'm a little surprised that she's quoting Caddy Shack lines to her companion (don't judge me - I didn't let her watch the whole thing). However, just like Carl (Bill Murray) in Caddy Shack, I hope Kat receives total consciousness. So she'll have that goin' for her, which is nice.

Clark Wardle


Remember in Pride and Prejudice when Mr. Darcy makes some comment to
Elizabeth, and then she responds, "I'm very fond of walking." Well
have I got news for Ms. Bennett, I LOVE WALKING. I cant tell you how
many times I replayed that scene in my head this week as we walked,
and walked, and walked, and walked. I wish I had an odometer to give
you and idea of how much we walked. haha. I think Sister Canfield is
the only one who would appreciate the notion of how far this is - but
we went from irmã Lena's house (the wife of Paulinho in the bishopric
who lives in condominio do lago sul) all the way down to irmã neuza's
house (who lives in mormonlândia). miles and miles and miles. The
whole week was nothing but walking haha it was ridiculous. so out of
no where I just kept shouting, "I LOVE WALKING" to keep the spirits up
haha. we were getting home at 9:00 on the dot because we couldnt stand
being on our feet any longer, and planning, showing, and getting into
bed by 10:00 and sleeping like rocks. But because of this week i have
an increased testimony of how much the Lord blesses his missionaries
with strength, because the next day we just had energy again and we
were pretty much good to go to walk another 50 miles per day.

haha, one day after a particularly long walk we got to a lovely
little gated community with 2 workers cleaning out the front entrance
pond. and I saw the cold dirty water and jumped in. haha i was so
happy. I took of my sandles and just waded in the 1 foot deep water.
the cold water after the hot, dusty walk, was the best part of my
week. - well tied for first place. but it was pretty good.

Each transfer we have our little daily planner-books, and I always cut
out pictures from the Liahona to make my planner prettier than those
of the Elders'. And the running joke for this transfer is on my
planner. I had decided that 'whatever happens in lago sul, i dont ever
want to ever get discouraged' so I found a picture of a pioneer woman,
who is by herself out on the plains and in a snowy wasteland, and put
this picture on my planner. Then whenever there are
less-than-wonderful moments, Sister Armstrong and I look at the
planner and go, "at least I'm not her." Which is true. We have it
pretty good. and then I always tell her, " well at least [fill in the
blank]... so we got that goin' for us... which is nice" (i dont really
think she gets it, but I still haven't told her what its from

anywayssss the other best part of the week was this way good lesson
we had about the Plan of Salvation. Sister Armstrong and I were
clicking big time. We decided that the lesson would be better if we
talked about Christ with every single principle instead of just the
part to testify about the Atonement and then say at the end, "and this
whole plan is possible because of Jesus Christ" or something lame like
that. So the lesson went way way better. i was happy.

Tomorrow, Wed, and Thurs we are having new training about the
worldwide changes in missionary work. I'm stoked. I love getting
training. I love practicing. haha i used to be so self conscious about
it, but know i love it.

k shoot, i gotta go.
haha we had a sleep over last night with Sister Lima, Sister Moreira,
Sister dos Santos (curto prazo) and Sister Braga. good times. wellll I
love you. have a wonderful week.

Sister Wardle

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