Thursday, October 21, 2010

Key indicators for the week ending on October 17th


Every week we report on the key indicators of our work. The numbers
are designed with goals and to track progress and make us progress. We
report on, baptisms/confirmations, lessons with members, other
lessons, referrals, etc. This week was very very good. Not just with
numbers but with other key indicators that I feel like are really
changing in the ward. I LOVE IT. there are some other key indicators
that you cant really place a number, but its the kind of thing that I
see in the attitude of the members, and they way that they are, and
their feelings for missionary work. we are making some serious
progress. yay.

This week we had a lesson marked to go teach a family in French. we
knocked on a womans door, and i started talking to her in portuguese,
but i could see that she was kinda struggling to understand me. I
thought, "dang it my portuguese must be really bad today." and then i
paused for a second and said the word "well" and started talking
again. She noticed that i had said an english word, and switched to
english right away. Turns out she's french, but her english is way
better than her portuguese so we talked in english, and marked to go
back on sunday. and just as a little blessing, the Relief Society pres
is fluent in FRENCH. she was SO excited to go teach with us. haha
cutest thing. she got all excited and got her book of mormon in
french, and we went to go teach her. fun stuff.

um, sorry this is super short. but i have to go. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
bummer, i feel like i have more to say, but thas all for now.

love you!
Sister Wardle

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