Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a Tribute to the Beatles

hey there familyyyy!

HEY JUDE - shoutouts really quick
Happy Birthday to Elizabeth next week!
and to Alicia Lagendijk - did you ever get the book i sent you?
and to Elisabeth Hilverda and Emily Morris - I have letters for you
that I wrote ages ago, but i dont know your addresses, so if you could
send them to one of my sisters to send to me, i'll send you a little

you guys, its getting ridiculous. I am eating so well every single
day. I eat like a king in this area. And not just any food - but like
8 days a week I'm eating american food. I loved that package that
elizabeth and paul sent a little too much. I'm eating pbj sandwiches,
pancakes, breakfast burritos, danny boy gave us a tub of ice cream and
i had a chocolate milkshake for breakfast the other day. and Amy (an
american in the ward) makes the yummiest treats for the choir
rehearsals (i'm the ward choir pianist?). The other day she brought
graham crackers with chocolate frosting. omg so delicious. has anyone
ever tried it? and this other lady in the ward made homemade bread
that is EXACTLY like macaroni grill. the secret receipe is out. bottom
line - yum.

We just keep working. its the greatest thing. It gets harder, then it
gets easier, then it gets hard again. Just when you get something down
right, and you feel good about it, something happens and you realize
that you dont know how to do something and you have to learn all over
again. isnt it nice to make progress?

hah, so this was the big lesson of the week. I learned about a very
important aspect of missionary work. Its super common for the members
to ask us, "so Sisters, how's the work going?" And I always (no matter
what the circumstances may be) always tell them how great its going. I
thought that I was showing them a good attitude, and energy, and
excitement by telling them how everything is wonderful and we're
having a great time working hard. But the truth of the matter is, we
had nobody to teach, nobody progressing, and nobody to take to church.
I think that aside from just trying to show them how I was in good
spirits and 'keeping the faith' that I also had a lot of pride getting
in the way to truly ask for help. So I finally learned to humble
myself and have a heart to heart with our ward mission leader. He
realized that we were serious about the work, and he gave us some
great ideas. Then on Sunday, he randomly called us out of Relief
Society, and we went around to the different classes to ask for
referrals from the members. The sweet part was, that we didnt have to
give the schpiel to ask for referrals, but he was the one talking and
asking the members to help us out. As a result, the members were more
willing to tell us about their friends and started listing off people
we could teach. I was beyond shocked. I cant even tell you how much i
loved it. So this week i really gained a testimony of, "ask and ye
shall recieve." turns out it works.

With the up's and down's and the hard's and the easy's, I'm also
learning to have patience and trust in the Lord. I'm also learning
that we have to trust in the Lords time. "missionary work is to do be
done with urgency, but not rushed." So I just try to keep that in
mind, and do the work Heavenly Father wants me to do.

The good part about His plan and His gospel is that its the same thing
everywhere and with everyone. Nations, languages, and races dont
matter at all. We have the message of ETERNAL TRUTHS. Eternal in all
aspects of the word. I love the gospel. I love being a missionary. I
love the message of the restoration. I love my Savior. I love the
prophet. I'm so excited for General Conference. I love my family and
my friends.

Sister Wardle

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