Wednesday, October 6, 2010

There's a lizard in my sink


This week we got a new pet, his name is Luis the Lizard. He appeared
in our sink one morning, and didn't leave for the longest time. And we
didnt have the courage to pick him up and get him out of there, so we
just left him and went about our merry way using the bathroom sink.
Everytime i would go to the bathroom, or brush my teeth,etc, we would
comment about how he wast STILL there. Then it dawned on me, maybe
he`s in the sink because he cant get out? So finally I got up the guts
to get a plastic cup, scoop up Luis, and threw him out the window :)
I`ve grown so much on my mission.

This week was a little up and down again. But, its all good. I got a
SWEET package from elizabeth - THANK YOU for the american goodies! oh
how heavenly, the pancake mix with maple syrup. Loved it. I got the
box yesterday at our district meeting, and then we were ate lunch with
Barbara and her brother after the meeting. I opened the box and when
they saw the stuff inside, they went crazy. haha. Barbara and Gabriel
were so confused with the fruit roll ups. They couldnt figure out what
to do with the wrapper, how to unroll it, how to eat it. It was so
funny to watch. ha. And thanks for the tortillas!!! I had just been
talking to my companion like 3 days before, trying to explain the
concept of a breakfast burrito to her. and I was telling her how the
Llama just whips 'em out super fast on any given summer morning. She
was also really confused with the notion of ham, cheese, and potatos
for breakfast. hah. i`m so happy to be able to show her now. So
thanks, babalab

I also got a bunch of pictures from mom with 4th of July and bridal
shower festivities. I`m so glad you all look so good. In all future
family photos, I kindly request that I be placed in the back so as not
to exhibit the year-and-a-half's worth of rice, beans, and meat, I've
been eating. Thank you.

K, so i have a question, Why did I never know that R. Q. Shupe was a
famous author? This week at one of the member's houses, I saw on the
coffee table a book called "Brigham Young - Images of a Mormon
Prophet." One of the two authors on the cover was R Q Shupe. So I
said, "Hey, I know that guy! He taught my dad how to surf and his wife
was my seminary teacher. But he didn't write a book; he's a lawyer.
This must have been his dad." Then i flipped through the book and saw
in the back the information about the author, and read aloud, "R Q
Shupe is a lawyer... he and his wife Susan Taylor Shupe have 7
children and reside in California." hah, so congrats to Brother
Shupe, whose fame and literary works have now extended to Brazil. (and
this was a brazilian family too -- not one of the american families.)

there is one other thing i wanted to tell you guys, but i am beyond
out of time, and so i'll tell you about it next week. But someone
remind me to tell you about the fastest prayer that has ever been
answered in my life. k thanks that'd be great.

Sister Wardle

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