Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Porcupine Trail is famous!

Hi fam

This week was sweet. We had 2 great baptisms of 2 great guys. Daniel,
and Damião, who i guess would be named Damian in English? Anyways,
Here's the little blurb about Damian - he's 64, married, has 8 kids,
and lives and works right next to the church. 3 weeks ago we were
getting off the bus on sunday morning at 7:45 to go to the ward
executive committee meeting, and Sister Armstrong says these exact
words, "Good morning, brother. Want to go to church?" And we spent 3
minutes explaining about, and inviting him to church, and told him
that it started at 9:00. haha, then at 8:50 am, he was standing there
in the doorway, ready to go. We loved it. We taught him all about the
church, invited him to get baptized, and he is the most humble and
accepting man ever. Such a sweet heart and he has the sweetest
responses. He is very simple, and explains things as they come from
the heart. He was baptized on saturday night, and then at church on
sunday morning he was so happy with all his new friends at church.

There are some WAY BIG THINGS coming up. there is a way cool man who
for a very long time has been very shut off to the church, but there
is some very big hope on the horizon for him. yay. i wish i could say
more, but i cant :)

also - there are big changes in the mission and missionary work
worldwide thats coming from the 1st presidency. the zone leaders and
district leaders are receiving training, and i'm anxious to learn
about it and apply it for the rest of my mish. I'm glad to stay here
for a few more months! speaking of this - the unofficial release date
will be december 28. So I'll hold off on singing "I'll be home for
christmas" until 2011. ah welp, sugar. but no worries, its cool baby!

K, so here's the thing about porcupine trail - who knew it was so
famous?! There is a man named Marcos here who was recently baptized
with his family, and we went to get to know them, and he's way cool. I
dont remember how we got on the subject, but all sudden he's talking
about Moab biking. hahaha I was like, "i've totally been there, and i
rode those trails with my dad before coming on a mission!!!" Here we
are 10,000 miles away, talking about the same bike trails. I loved it.

anyways, i gotsta go. the church is true. i love my mission.
next week we're having p-day on monday so write before sunday night.
k thanks love you bye!!
Sister Wardle

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