Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedding Bells!!!

Only the siblings can explain the etymology of Llama and YaYa. Llama is
Kelly Wardle who will be married on Friday and YaYa is Alexis Wardle
(Kat's cousin) who was married last Saturday.


Hi familyyy

Congratulations to Llama and YaYa!! (Could there be two better
nicknames in this world?!)
Alexis, I'm so happy for your wonderful marriage that happened on
Saturday - Congrats
and KELLY, I'm so happy for your wonderful marriage that will be on
Saturday - Congrats
to the both of you - I expect pictures (duh)

It is seriously so important to have marriages sealed in the temple,
and I am SO grateful for the best family ever. After being here for a
little over a year, I realize how incredibly blessed I am, and a
little embarrassed for the way I used to take it for granted. Its just
not that common for church members in Brazil to have 5 generations of
good faithful hardworking church members, to have parents sealed in
the temple, 5 kids born in the covenant, AND those five kids being
happy and firm and steadfast in the gospel, AND all of my aunts and
uncles and cousins. I just love you guys :)

Anyways - I was telling you the other week about the big changes that
were going to be happening... well they happened! We received a rather
rigorous training this week that came directly from the 12 Apostles to
go out to ALL the world. It was way good. There were 8 Chapters of
training to go through, and nothing is 'new' persay, but its just
putting more of an emphasis on things that are already in the Preach
My Gospel manual. we had three days of training all day. We were at
the stake center from 9:00 am until about 6:30 or 7:00 pm every day,
and getting back to our areas at like 8:00. I felt like we were in the
MTC after sitting all day and just learning and practicing. But it was

The sections were: (I'm mostly writing this for you, nickole because I
imagine you're curious, but feel free to skip)
1. Doctrine of Christ and our Missionary Purpose - Loved this one
2. Power of the Holy Ghost in Conversion - realized what I had been
doing wrong my whole mission...oops (jk)
3. Revelation through Prayer - so good
4. Revelation through the Book of Mormon - an obvious one
5. Revelation through Church - makes all the difference
6. cant remember off the top of my head - haha clearly this one made a
big impression on me too ;)
7. Teaching People not Lessons - DUH
8. How to Start Teaching - way more objective (thank you presidente

AND there is a movie that we watched in the MTC called, "the District"
and they made another one! "The District 2" it just shows clips of
missionaries teaching in real life situations. haha i dont know why i
get so excited about watching the clips. maybe because its the only
other movie i've seen in a year other than, "The Restoration" or
"Introduction to the Church."

So the training was good. Other than that the week got really short
because we basically only had Friday and Saturday to get everything
done. Here's the stories...

Friday - we had the funnest lesson. There is this member named Neuza,
and we are teaching her neighbor named Lourdes. They are both like 75
years old, and Lourdes is the sweetest thing. Her family is super hard
core Baptist, but she really wants to learn about the church. We've
been teaching her lessons, and presented the Book of Mormon to her
last week, and she promised to read and pray about it. But her family
is telling her all day every day that she shouldn't investigate the
church because she has to be Baptist. So we set up to teach her at the
neighbors house in a nice happy "Neuza" environment. Lourdes told us
that she had been keeping the book of Mormon in the guest bedroom, and
hid it in the bottom drawer of the nightstand, and that she had been
sneaking out of bed at 2:30 in the morning to read it in the middle of
the night, so she wouldnt wake anybody up and no one would know that
she was, "thinking about being mormon." cutest thing ever.
During the lesson at Neuza's house we would be explaining stuff and
teaching, and randomly the two of them would go off on their old lady
chit-chat. They've been neighbors/besties for like 20 years. There was
one part where sister armstrong was explaining about temple marriages
and being sealed for time and all eternity, and Lourdes goes, "Well
we've got to tell John about this. He's been my little friend for 59
years, and we've gotta get sealed!" SO CUTE. i love old people.

Friday Night - i love mormons. i love mormon activities. i think its
so funny how people have a hard time understanding how we have a good
time and stay so happy without drinking, etc. This is why - Friday
night we had a Fathers Day activity, and it was a Carbs Dinner Night.
hahahahaha. That wasnt actually the name of the activity, but the idea
was like this (imagine the invitation), "Hey guys, lets all get
together on friday night and eat carbs! Everyone bring a plate of
pasta/pizza/lasagna/bread and then we'll watch a slide show of happy
moments with our dads!" It was so much fun!! I'm not kidding, I love
these activities! good times

Saturday - We went to teach this lady. hah wow. lifestyles of the rich
and the famous all right. She went to church with us like 2 weeks ago,
but its really hard to find her at home during the week, so we just
showed up on Saturday afternoon. They were having the ritzy-est BBQ of
all time. haha it was like a catered bbq in their mansion home. We
stayed for a little while and got a boat load of referrals - nobody
from our area, but oh well. It was fun.

Then it was in huge contrast to the cute little Damian - the guy who
got baptized a few weeks ago. He is so sweet, i cant get over it.
Saturday night we were going to see him and we were running across a
field at night around to the front gate where he lives. Sister
Armstrong was running and didnt see this hole, and fell s u p e r
hard, and i wasnt sure if it was a 'laugh or cry' situation. so i
waited for like 1 second, and she just shouts, "That was the Worst
Fall of my Mission!!!" haaaahahahahah i died laughing after that. just
thinking about it and replaying it in my mind is SO funny every time.
Anyways, we were going to meet up with Damian (actually, now that I
think about it, there was really no reason whatsoever for us to have
been running in the first place. we werent in a hurry. Why the sudden
energy burst? no idea, but i'm so glad it happened because it was so
funny) so we got to Damian, and he saw that she was covered in dirt,
and we told him what happened, and then he didnt really say too much,
but then the next time we saw him, he brought us a flashlight as a
present. he was like, "next time you wont fall because you'll have
this handy dandy little lantern to light the path. see how it works?
(then he showed us a flashlight as if we had never seen it before)."
SO CUTE. I love him.
Other cute thing about him - he was retelling us the story about when
he was confirmed and he recieved the Holy Ghost, and his way of
describing it was so sweet. In his words, "I think I must have been a
man of little faith, because I didnt think that anything special would
happen, I thought it was just going to be normal. But after I recieved
the Spirit, I just felt like my heart was being filled up with
something that felt so good. And it filled me right up with tears too.
And thats why I was crying when I sat back down next to you."
adorable. And he usually has nothing to do because he works labor all
day, so to occupy his mind, he writes us songs!! Everytime we go, he
sings us a song he wrote about "his little blonde flowers" haha i wish
you could all meet him. It is impossible to leave his house in a bad
mood, because he's just such a sweet heart.

Anyways, I think that is just about literally everything noteworthy
that happened this week. Oh - and go figure about the random change of
P-day being Monday today instead of Tuesday. Next week will also be on
Monday because its transfers. (This transfer FLEW by) But then after
that p-day is back to tuesday.

Kel - once again, happy marriage, I would've loved to be there when
you went through the temple, and I would love to be there when you
turn into a Frisby, so my internet congrats will have to suffice.

Sister Wardle

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