Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tsunami, Toshiba, Sukudo, Mitsubishi... TSUKUDA


I so HAPPY. The new transfer is off to a lovely start. My new
companion is Sister TSUKUDA. She japonese! Just kidding, she's
Brazilian, but her grandparents are Japonese, and she has a wonderful
last name... Tsukuda! (it took me the whole first week to start saying
it right-- i had to keep looking at her name tag haha)

She is WONDERFUL. (sister canfield, she got here shortly after you
left. pity that you didnt get to know her, she's a gem)

On Tuesday we had Family Home Evening with the mission! Presidente
Pizzirani used to do this Mission FHE when we had transfers. It was
super fun and we got to see everyone every six weeks, but then he
stopped doing it. But this last week we got to see the whole mission
together and it was way fun to hear about all of our old areas and
ward news, and updates about the recent converts, less actives, etc.
Then we practiced a little for a visit that we're going to have from
an apostle. Elder David A Bednar is coming to Brasilia just to visit
our mission. He's going to be here for 1 day - just to meet with Pres.
Pizzirani, and then to have a conference with all of the missionaries,
and then he's leaving again. I'm rather stoked.

On Wednesday we planned for some new ideas to use in the area this
transfer. I have some high high hopes to really make things work. I'm
so glad that the mission presidents have instructions from the church
mission department to leave missionaries in the areas for longer time
periods. we got a chance to really know how to work better in the
designated ward. and we can really develop better relationships with
the members to work together. I used to think that it was a bummer to
stay in an area for a long time because i liked to get to see other
cities, other wards, etc, but now i realize how to keep working in the
same area can be a blessing. anyways, its going to be a good transfer.

On Thursday we had a mini-conference with all of the sister
missionaries. SO FUN. it's been like 6 months since we had a Sisters
play date, and so it was really good to have an afternoon at the
mission home with little activities for the sisters. hah I love sister
Pizzirani. (nós atualizamos nossos cadernos de desejos... so cheesy,
gotta love it)

On Friday our district leader gave us a district challenge. We had to
make 100 street contacts in one day. This may or may not seem easy to
you guys at home, but just to explain the situation a little... The
required minimum of street contacts per day is 10 per missionary. In
other cities and other areas, this is extremely do-able. BUT in Lago
Sul its extremely difficult just to make 10 contacts a day because
there is no one in the streets. So to make 100 contacts was indeed a
challenge. But we did it! yayy. haha and only about 35 people live in
our area, and of the 35 we got like 10 addresses out of it, and of the
10 addresses about 5 people are going out of town for the next month.
ah welp, at least we have 5 addresses!

On Saturday we had our Concert Night. We have been planning this ward
activity for MONTHS. omg if it were in the states, i'm pretty sure
that we would have planned and excetued the activity in 4 weeks, tops.
But things work just a little differently here. But we finally got it
all together, thanks to some big time help from Amy Zimmerman (this
wonderful American lady in the ward who i love) and Danny Boy, and
another lady named Ameli. Loooove these people. The activity was a
cultural night for the community and we had a free concert of
classical music at the church. We had a winds quintet, a few clarinet
pieces, vibraphone, and professional musicians from the city who came
and performed. It turned out really really well. There were a few
people from the ward who sang, and then the ward choir sang at the
end. The visitors loved it and the members were shocked with how well
it went. hahahaha. i love brazil. they were like, "oh wow, now we feel
like we can actually invite our friends to ward activities" therefore
- it was a success.

On Sunday we had these 2 new guys at church. Blessings sent from
heaven. We made a contact with a guy in the street on saturday, and on
sunday morning he showed up with his friend. Yay! Then our lunch fell
through and we made food at home!!! Any other days when we dont have
lunch with members, they give us money and we end up eating out. But
since it was sunday, we couldnt eat out, and she gave us money on
saturday night, so we bought rice and beans and beef. I learned to
cook!!! (sorta). it was a huge step. i'm so very pleased.

On Monday we had such a good day of work. Hahaha the good days of
missionary work in Lago Sul are semi few-and-far-between, but
yesterday was really really good. it makes me excited for the rest of
the week.

WELP, thats the update.

I love you so much!
Sister Wardle

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